Olga, 43 years. Kharkov 

that waits for the child, Olga has learned absolutely casually. «When I had a delay, and the test has shown negative result, I have decided that there has come a climax. Rather early, of course, but there's nothing
 to be done, if for women in our sort it is norm. I couldn't assume that I can become pregnant, , i didn't feel any symptoms of pregnancy », – Olga said. «I worked as the seller in grocery shop, there wasn't loaders, therefore she had to carry boxes with the goods. And when she felt an aching belly-ache, she was thinking she had some fisical problem », – Olga makes a helpless gesture. – but when she learned that so-called "hernia" is a five-monthly boy, she couldn't come to the senses for long time».
« Well, think yourself–I am 43 year old, without aprtment in Kharkov,without a husband , I work informally, daughters already adult, and here this news », – with a smile upon the face Olga remembers events of year prescription. Trying to realize what happened, she has gone down in the underground, has hardly squeezed into the overflowed car and suddenly has absolutely casually seen the announcement. It has appeared, in Kharkov there is an organization which is ready to support to the pregnant women who have appeared in a difficult situation. And Olga felt that she really need that somebody at least could listen. Having remembered the address, the next day a shy woman knocked at a door of the Kharkov pregnancy assistance center.« I listen attentively, and I have understood that even i had difficult circumstances, the most important thing now is that little boy already has his own life is within me. Though I admit fairly – at first I didn't believe that I can put this child on feet, therefore wanted to give it after a birth to trustees ». But the less time remains before birth, the more doubts arose at the woman concerning correctness of this decision.« Eventually, I have understood that I can not give the son to another's people, – the woman admits. – and today I even can't think life without Stasika. He is all for mel! And if earlier I hesitated of the age – the daughter after all already adult where here to give birth – that now I feel myself as young mum. Andeven financialy it is still heavy, but the Center is a very big help to me – without them I, in truth, would be hardly possible. And that who, as well as I one year ago, have appeared in a captivity of doubts, I advise not to become reserved, search for those who is ready to support and not to be afraid of responsibility. Believe, children are a huge happiness, not comparable with what!.

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