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New training power of change

The man who continually learns, develops, positive thinking is bound to become a professional!

Amateurs training until they start doing the right thing. Professionals training as long as they will not be able to do wrong!

The power of change. What is it?
1. In the determination of the position:
- Its good, where I am
2. Adherence to the principles:
- Change begins from me.
- Change myself, I change the world around me.
- I am responsible.
3. Be goal-oriented:
- Do not be forever busy, and be more effictive

The criterion of justice - God gave everyone 24 hours a day!

Goal setting. How to set a goal?

According to various studies only 1% of the population wrote goals on paper, and plan how to achieve.
At Yale University conducted a case study with graduates of 1953 - 1974 gg how goal setting affects people's lives.
Graduates were asked to answer three questions: Do you have any goals? Did you write down your goals on paper? And whether you have filled in the plan how to achieve those goals?

Only 3% recorded the goals and write a plan for how to achieve them. 13% had goals, but they were not recorded. The remaining 84% said that they do not have goals that they are going to live simply, with no goals..
After 20 years we interviewed again these graduates, and found that revenues of 13% accounted for twice as much than the other 84%, but the most amazing thing happened at 3%, which have written down goals and write plan how to reach the goal, so their revenues amounted to ten times more than the totality of all the others combined.

It is necessary to set specific, time-bound goals and strive to reach them. You also need to consider the fact that the meaning of the goals is not to get something. But about who we are on the way to our goals!

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