вторник, 10 апреля 2012 г.

Story of one day

We had been in office before open hours. We wanted to make some changes, cleaning and moving things.  Our reception aria is very small. If three people come at the same time, counselor is already busy with client and helper busy giving baby clothes, reception aria is packed.  Girl age of 7 came to office, asking whether we can help her mother. I went down to meet a woman with 2 month old baby. Natasha brought a bag of baby clothes, very proud of her act of kind. She found this clothes on the bench. Some people  instead of throwing  clothes in trash clean them up and put in clean bag in case somebody can use them and need them. 
So she brought them to us. That was for her license to come.For some people very difficult just come for help. Many times they bring something we had to throw as gabbage, seems like they try to cover nakedness of the soul. I remember after I came to the Lord, there came a humanitarian help for the church, and I was told I could come to receive it for free.
That was cut for my pride. I didn't want to admit I was so poor and needy. I remember standing with dilemma, receiving the help or keep going in old sweeter with hole? so I prayed and asked God if the miracle is possible I would like a particular color of trousers, and when I came the person who was spreading humanitarian help came to me and gave new pair of trousers the color i asked God. Nobody new about it. I was so happy Jesus knowing about my struggle with pride didn't humiliated me but came down to help me believing He truly loves me. So I understand when girls act like this. So this woman Natasha, asked for formula, asked for hot water and fed the baby right away. After baby was fed we talked about breast feeding, what to do to keep milk, and I had privilege to show her how to do massage for baby, smiling and talking to little one, showing how marvelous relationship could be with this precious boy. Natasha paid full  attention watching my interection with the boy. Baby was smiling to me after it, so small and still responding to act of love.

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