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Prosperity with the purpose

Prosperity with a purpose.
Hosea 11: 4 Amplified Bible
I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love, and I was to them as one who lifts up and eases the yoke over their cheeks, and I bent down to them and gently laid food before them.

I would describe the experience many our young mothers go through as wilderness. Wilderness. No food, no water,  no  place to buy clothes, it better they would last long.  Israel in the wilderness daily depended on the Lord provision.   Why would some people had to go through experience of wilderness, experience to be without. I know about this experience not from the books. In the wilderness I learned to recognize and see the Mighty God who was with me. All the miracles  in the wilderness were to sustain life. But the wilderness was not the ultimate goal. God was leading  to something. He was leading them to the Promised Land.   What is the training for the Promised Land - is going without. So they can be entrusted with.
Through the experience when they own nothing to the experience when they have inheritance for the kingdom advancement. All the miracles of the Promised Land were to position Israel for the influence. The Lord is always takes us to something. He positions us for true advancement to serve society. We can be participators of advancement of the Kingdom of God far beyond our own life, far beyond the place we live,  far beyond  country we live.  The ultimate goal is to work wholeheartedly both with natural and supernatural realms  so we would be positioned to advance and change society and shape a culture by drawing resources  to help people that are in great need. It is a favor of the Lord that positions us in that kind of things. We are called to live and influence through out the world. The enemy wants us feel insignificant and small in our own eyes, be focused on the little problems, but in reality with God we are called to bring God’s kingdom on earth. I believe we can establish the truth as sanctity of human life as a pillar. We do it by being a voice of God for those who can not speak for themselves, by bringing hope to women in hopeless circumstances, by discipling young mothers, by feeding them gently and lifting up and easing the joke.
I can share some pictures from the field.

http://www.lifeinternational.com/donate/ with note for Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center direct
With love in Christ Lena Batina

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