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Her name is Daniella.

The ecademic year is over. It is time  to avaluate what did we accomplished. I want to share with you the letter of review written by one of the students who attended a program. Her name is Daniella.
You woke us up.

         I was excited when you asked me to write a review about the program. This program and your teaching method was something real, alive and personal. Our psychologist and other lectors gave up on us, and suddenly what I saw, our psychologist attended most of your classes and had great interest in them. From my attention did not escape how she has shaken your hand and thanked you for that information, in spite of  your mentioning not being psychologist. We had unofficial free attending of your program. But allstudents came to your classes. It is impossible.  
I want to mention that I wrote this review because you taught me to make conclusions from information I heard. And I don’t need to hide under the common phrases, I am not afraid to be open, I became brave.
Now I have my plan:  to watch the movies, to read the books you recommended. You equipped me with the knowledge, that helped me, and that mean will help other people I am in touch.
I discussed lectors with parents, and that were the moments I would remember for the rest of my life: we understood each other, we felt so good and comfortable to fellowship. This letter was born in unity with my mother, she  helped put my thoughts in order.

I don’t remember how all started, whether when you came and you shared about yourself and where you work, or about sex that you started to talk about or when you said that the main reason you were here because there were no others children. But I remember how noisy was in the class but as by magic all class became silence, no, of cause we laughed and had jokes , discussed why teens get involved in sex, but all listened to you.
Even at the beginning of the second lesson you convinced us , that right now we already have incredible number of knowledge, and some of it truth, and all ,we need is separate it from other informational junk.
-Do you want to  see it?- you asked, - I will ask you a question , and all  of you without any exception and any difficulties will give me an answer... How do you think, what is the main motive people get divorced? And all in one voice said: did not get along, character differences. The next conclusion has shaken everyone. You said, whatever you will do in your life, whether you choose a partner, or build a family, parent your children, solve conflicts, do finances, you invariably hit into your character,  that is your persona. Didn’t get along ment two people failed to agree in such important spheres of life. Sex is a moment of togetherness, minutes of life, the rest – is the things people didn’t agree on, didn’t get along. What will be the future of those relationship? This is another reason why we need keep forming our character, and for those who hasn’t started yet, begin to form it. And after that we wanted to know the topic how to form character and values, and that is even more incredible that it followed after the lesson that was so interesting for tees: “Sex- everyone talk about it”.
You motivated us to read A.E.Kuprin “Sulameiph” and “Pit”. That happened in the lesson about sexually transmitted diseases. And after that during breaks we shared with each other the fragments of the books we liked the most. The teacher of Ukrainian and literature couldn’t understand what have you done with us. On that lesson you gave us such information that both biologist teacher or other lectors on AIDS failed to give. We started to doubt whether “safe” sex exists, or condoms  are “all powerful”.   One of our guys joked: “ Less you know, better sleep”. But nobody laughed, because all understood, that non out of those who attended the class would have a “sound sleep”. These lessons contributes to recovery of new generation, education and restoration of the nation. That was my review.
On the lesson about dating and boundaries you gave to the boys to answer what apart of sex they can do on dating. At the beginning all laughed, but then we felt sad, because 10 boys could give only two options: talk and eat. And you offered to boys to top their list up to at list 30   another points before they make a date.
You taught us how to resist sexual pressure.
In the lesson about emotional consequences of early sexual relationship you told us if we would understand the true reason why to get marriage, that will bring  clarity to all aspects of life and sex included. You had a joke that the secret of happy marriage is not that “they lived happily ever after and died in one day” , but to live with the one who will die every day next to you, demolishing their protective walls of ego and removing the masks. The one who will be faithful to you instead of his own security. You said that before marriage we go through a row of meeting and splitting. After that we put a masks  and build the walls of protections , hiding from pain and hardening our hearts, we prefer to stay in a safe zone, because in reality we are afraid, that our hearts will not be good enough for other person, we love. Does  it hinder marriage. It’s break it.
I partincipated in many trainings you offered. I was in the role of  “Vasya” and carried emotional baggage of “Katya”. That was not a fun. I realize in one moment that I will not be able to succeed because being Vasya I was not aware of what kind of stuff I was dealing and how to help Katya. Latter we meditated  in the class, that all of us would love to have a person without baggage, nobody think about it when get involved in sex.   
After the lesson Miracle of life and Abortion  we made out decision: Let there be Life. We can’t love and kill. We met you in interesting time.  In the time of crisis. It is not only political, economical and social crisis. It is personal crisis, crisis of chose , crisis of worldview, crisis of understanding. And we choose life. Life has future.

Student of school 24 Danialla 

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