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Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me, and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know

There is a big fight and big political crisis in Ukraine right now. The evil exposed itself, what was hidden and happening in prisons came in public to the streets and squares. It shocked the country, kidnaping of the leaders of euromaydan, tortures, main streets of Kiev capital of the country in fire. Inability to come to understanding, to hear people, reluctance to act on behalf of people brought the waves of violence and terror. What started like a peaceful demonstration of disagreement with customs union with Russia turned to an opposition and fight.  In such unstable situation many people think of running out of country.
I want to share one story of recent counseling session.     

The phone rang. Schedule for that day was full. On the other side of the phone girl was looking for abortion. She wanted do it today. So we invited her to come. The plan changed for the next few hours for the center. We moved counseling session with Life Skills program to the office space so the only one counseling room could be ready for the abortion mind client.
 A beautiful blond girl came in with her boyfriend. She felt hot in spite of  the – 17 degree C outside, one of the coldest day of the month. Obviously she was in distress due to situation. She closed the door in the counseling room after herself, showing she needed confidentiality even from the boyfriend. Karina’s test was positive. She found about her pregnancy 3 days ago and she wanted abortion. She found information about early abortion on the web-site.  She had different plan for her life then being a mother, she wanted to move to United State of America to her parents. And her boyfriend didn’t know about her plan. They have been living together for last three months. She was not happy about his low income. She found out he was not the person she expected him to be. “Karina, if I got you right, you  moved living together before you knew the person well”? – I asked. She answered that she was unlucky with her boyfriends; the first one was abusive man. “How about your father”? – I asked. - “ He was violent man. My mother devoiced him, while I was 7. I lived with a stepfather, who wasn’t good man. My mother devoiced him too. Now she got marriage for decent man  and moved to State. She is not happy about me being pregnant, she think that abortion will give me chance to study and build a carrier.” “How about the father of the baby, what does he feels about pregnancy”? She became angry. “He is happy about my pregnancy. He made me pregnant purposely to tie me to him.” I asked her what she knew about development of the baby in the womb and whether she wanted to have information about it. She wanted to have information about abortion procedure to see how she could handle it. I started from showing her the tiny baby models and explaining what was happening with the baby during abortion. At this point she looked at me and asked the question: “You are trying to persuade me to keep the baby. You don’t do abortion here, do you?” I had to admit we don’t. But no one can persuade her, she is free in her choice. She can talk here about all her concerns and we together can look at her options, to evaluate what she could loose and what she could gain in every particular choice she’ll make. We started from the choice of abortion. At some point she said that yesterday she prayed to God about her situation. “What did God tell you? – I asked. – To do abortion”, - she answered, - “ God couldn’t tell that, - I said, - He gave us command not to kill. He doesn’t change his mind according to situation. But God did hear your prayer, and He led you to our center to direct your steps”.  I showed her the Psalm 139. She started to cry, seeing that God involved in her life and in life of the baby. “I will carry this child, I want a girl, - she said. We will go to Russia to Sasha’s mother. She is a believer. She will love a granddaughter”.  The switch was on 180 degree. “Do you want me to talk to your boyfriend?” – “Yes, you can”. I asked Sasha to come in for a few words. He was happy Karina changed her mind. He said that when he saw at the entrance the sign “Charity foundation”, he got hope, that there would be people who could speak to Karina in behalf of the baby, because she didn’t want to hear him. I explained to him that during pregnancy women could be emotionally unstable. And she needed his support to hear the confirmation of being loved. He said that she was not emotionally stable even before pregnancy that sounded true. But he wanted to do his best. We agreed they would come next Tuesday again.  
 How easy to run into wrong decision, how easy to make the greatest mistake in your life, how easy to find abortion and how devastated it could be. 3 days, 5 days, no time to get in touch with your heart, to get in touch with the heart of the other person. But how great is the mercy of God and His kindness to get through our darkness and illusions, to reach and save. “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you will honor me”. Psalm 50:15 Thank you God

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