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Training "The Power of Change" on Tuesdays!


Time - this is something from which it is made life. 
You can always make more money, but you can't create one more moment of life. Take time to rest, to pleasure, to your family. Do not let a single moment on the wind. 


"The average person is concerned, how would it kill time, a talented person seeks time to use."
For advanced planning, we need:
1. Diary
2. Scheduler
3. Planning Calendar

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New training power of change

The man who continually learns, develops, positive thinking is bound to become a professional!

Amateurs training until they start doing the right thing. Professionals training as long as they will not be able to do wrong!

The power of change. What is it?
1. In the determination of the position:
- Its good, where I am
2. Adherence to the principles:
- Change begins from me.
- Change myself, I change the world around me.
- I am responsible.
3. Be goal-oriented:
- Do not be forever busy, and be more effictive

The criterion of justice - God gave everyone 24 hours a day!

Goal setting. How to set a goal?

According to various studies only 1% of the population wrote goals on paper, and plan how to achieve.
At Yale University conducted a case study with graduates of 1953 - 1974 gg how goal setting affects people's lives.
Graduates were asked to answer three questions: Do you have any goals? Did you write down your goals on paper? And whether you have filled in the plan how to achieve those goals?

Only 3% recorded the goals and write a plan for how to achieve them. 13% had goals, but they were not recorded. The remaining 84% said that they do not have goals that they are going to live simply, with no goals..
After 20 years we interviewed again these graduates, and found that revenues of 13% accounted for twice as much than the other 84%, but the most amazing thing happened at 3%, which have written down goals and write plan how to reach the goal, so their revenues amounted to ten times more than the totality of all the others combined.

It is necessary to set specific, time-bound goals and strive to reach them. You also need to consider the fact that the meaning of the goals is not to get something. But about who we are on the way to our goals!

четверг, 11 августа 2016 г.

Celebration in honor of Children's Day

Doing good and do good works does not require from human ANY KIND supernatural force or great talent. You just need to not be indifferent to other people's problems and difficulties. Or just do not pass by, as did the "Good Samaritan", the parable of the Good Samaritan in the New Testament.
Kindness - a call of the soul, when you just can not act differently, but to help your friend or acquaintance, or a stranger, who was in a difficult situation.
Pregnancy Assistance Center  at some point opened its doors to pregnant women and women with small children, who were forced to leave their cities, to leave their homes, their work, and all that were expensive and valuable to them, in fact part of their life. Today these children and mothers cheerful mood, a lot of laughter and joy. And when you can bring joy, you  become warmer and more joyful. So it turns out the cycle of goodness in the world.

"I sincerely thank you for baby gifts" Samaritan's Purse ", which were received by my children. Let the joy of the children, whose families were forced to leave their cities, to leave their homes will be for you an inspiration for further work ".
Sincerely Kosukhin's family

"Thank you so much and heartfelt thanks to your center and to all the staff for a wonderful holiday for the good mood of warmth. Thank you for the gifts "Samaritan's Purse", which were received by my children. Every meeting with your team brings a lot of positive emotions and changing me from the inside. "
Sincerely Kourosh's family


Monday - the first day of the week, the first day of working days. Monday - it is always the beginning. We tend to wait for the beginning of the week, months, year to make a fresh start. 

"Happy Mondays" - a three exciting start of the meeting, which will immerse young mothers in a special world of childhood.
We all come from childhood, and childhood - it is a fabulous time, a time of fun and games, a time of happiness. What we have been dreaming about? What Our Children Dream About?
Older children dream that we played hide and seek with them, to build a garage for the cars of the "Lego", ride on roller skates. And the youngest want us to play ... clapping.
The child grows - and help get finger and signed games - little stories in verse form shown via fingers and palms toddler.
Unpretentious poems, mother's attention, a smile and a gentle touch to the hands - what could be nicer for the baby? Naughty poetry and believes based awaken children's imagination and creative initiative of the child. And the benefits of finger games for language development probably all parent know. It's no wonder known teacher V. Sukhomlinsky said that "the mind of a child is at his fingertips."
During the group work at the training were "created" two children's educational center "Rubik's Cube" and "Rostok (Sprout)", which remarkably coped with the creative task to shift the original text  on fingers. All moms are creative, there are no uncreative moms!!!

All of us - in the past were children. And we had experience the beneficial effects of good words to us, and the evil words of anger and irritation. And everyone knows that feeling of uncertainty after accusations or elation after the words spoken out of love.
Our words - this is the strongest weapon against ourselves and those whom we love the most. Words can hurt and change the fate of the child. However, spoken words of support to the child can give him confidence and strength to cope with any challenges and difficulties.
Negative words spoken to the child entails:
• low self-esteem;
• loneliness;
• mistrust towards others;
• alienation;
• disobedience to attract attention;
• rudeness and disrespect;
• feeling that he disliked;
Delibarate words, full of love and kindness, teach the child:
• be in love;
• appreciate;
• Respect;
• obey;
• The child knows that she/he is not alone, she/he is beloved

H A N D I W O R K   ON  H A P P Y   M O N D A Y S

Loving mother "Happy Mondays" have decided to give their children the Easter rabbit made with their own hands, as much from an ordinary children's socks, and a pair of wheat colored velvet ribbons!
In the children's perception of the long-eared these colorful beauties look truly fabulous.

The dolls are made by hand mothers, without the use of the sewing machine, made of natural materials - cotton jersey on the type of velor and warm fleece.
Ductile and malleable of toy develops fine motor skills, allows baby modeling doll by using physical postures and emotional reactions of real people.
Not so easy to leave a toy: it is soft, comfortable, warm even seem to want to squeeze her, pressed against the cheek, to sleep with her.
Each doll is unique as it is the creator and owner. What can compare with a doll that Mom made with her hands, putting her love and tenderness. Babies sleep with a doll will be strong and calm.

How to set boundaries to children with love and respect

Continuing Training on parenting:
"How with love and respect set the boundaries to a little child?".
"How to raise a child's personality independent, outstanding, single-minded and simply integrated? With two sons and six to ten years, I have regularly looking for different information on the subject. During the training, I want to learn new methods of education of children (especially boys) to be more favorable to the older child. "
(Julia. V.)
All parents and educators know that a child best learns to "someone else's example." First and foremost in this example are the parents themselves. That is, if the father giving his son some instructions, and himself in a similar situation comes opposite, then no matter how much the baby is not abused, he will always have the desire to do as a father. There is a conflict in the education - the discrepancy in required and valid. And this discrepancy will give rise to misunderstanding and resistance. It can be concluded from all this: children are born not only so we could brought them up, but also t
o ensure that they raised us and helped us to change.

L A S T  D A Y  O F  T R A I N I N G 

 After graduation two women group of 23 people shared their opinions about the training.
Mom called the positive points in the group: condusive environment, study of different situations, good mood, pleasant communication, kindness and attention, the opportunity to get experience, emotional and warm attitude towards each other, coordination of work in a team.
For many useful topics were: Bank of feelings, the ability to clothe feelings into words and tell them the importance of praise and encouragement, how to set the boundaries of what anger is and how to deal with it properly.
Mothers evaluated the method and style of teaching coach: calm, clear, very attentive, use a personal example, always positive-minded, explains clearly.
The skills that captured the mother in the learning process: to restrain their emotions, to distinguish between the act of the child, to listen patiently and explain, to be kind and to be able to negotiate without shouting, the most able to ask for forgiveness.

вторник, 14 июня 2016 г.

Post abortion healing weekend  

 “Forgiven and Set  Free”

Thank you all who prayed for us. That was more we asked or dreamed. I called it King’s generocity. He restored the dignity of motherhood to the one whom the world considers outcast.They said: “Noone ever did it for us what you have done.
Yesterday  we came back from post-abortion healing weekend. We took group of women who were in the process of rehubilitation from drug abuse outside the city to the farm. Our center started to partner with rehubilitation center. I observed how many young women  got sober , excepted Christ as Savoir, putting their trust in Jesus, but after leaving rehubilitation center  many of them could not stand in the freedom and fell. That made my heart cry about them, I  decided to  get  to know some of them closer and I found out they had abortions, many , they couldn’t forgive themselves,  felt a lot of shame, unworthy.
  •  Drug was a form of suaside, I  didn’t care about overdoze.   I had so much anger toward people who pushed and pressed me to abort, I  became cruel. I  hated  myself because of the decision to abort. I stoped caring how i looked like.

Valya: When I was 12 I was sexually abused. I didn’t tell my parents.  My parents were blind, they couldn’t see the changes in me. At 13 the older guy brought me to abortion clinic. At 14  I hang out with older guy who hooked me on drugs and clothed me in nice fur coats and gold. My father said to me: “If this is what you want from life, have it”. I provided for myself since that time. I feel like my life was stolen. 18 years on drugs. All my 8 pregnancies I was on drugs. All  ended up in abortion, none of people around me, no my mother ever wanted me to keep pregnancies. Now I want to redeem those years by serving women like I was.
After weekend
I realised that wanted to serve God as a slave. But Father opened his arms for me as His daughter. Jesus redeemed me and I don’t need to make up my way of redeeming my life. I want to serve Him out of love, not guilt now.

Katie: When I was  14, I asked my mum: ” If you fall in love can you sleep with a man.” My mum said: “Yes, if you love him a lot.”  I believed I loved him a lot.  So it was a green light for me.  Sex, spices, drug dealer boy friend.
I was 23 when I became pregnant.  At that point of my life I was sober, and wanted to be sober. I was glad, when I found out that my test was positive.  I came to my boyfriend  joyfully telling him about positive test, I loved him and was faithful to him. He was drug dealer. When I saw his reaction, I knew there was nothing to be glad about. His respond was: “My first love is marihuana , then mother, then you. I don’t need a baby. “ Even after his respond I still was hoping my mother would be glad to have a grandchild. I gave away all “spices” I had at home to my friend.
I said about pregnancy to my mum. She tald me how bad I was and that I had nothing to give to the baby and going to be a bad mother. Now I understand, it was not true. I am energetic. (She is), childlike, I am fun to be with, I  enjoy playing with the children, children like me.  I can have job and keep job.  I can share and sacrifice.  I wanted the child but pleased people around.
  • After abortion I called friend asking for drugs, and since that didn’t ever cared about overdoze. It was like playing Russian roulette. 

I  got a dog and when the dog died cried the whole week laying on the grave of the dog. It was legal way to grieve. One year i spent in prison, that was time I was mouning about my child, but couldn’t gey comforted, no releave.
After weekend
I have hope for the future now. I see I believed the lie, I will be good mother.
I was thinking what a strong need women have to release the greive .  But only when they come to the Father their hearts got true comfort and hope. 
  • The revealation of Fathers love toward his daughter heals.

We marveled to see trasformation  in this women. The truth set captive free, His word set free and heals. He is the Word. I want keep serving this God,  who loves see his daughters free and healed.
And how much more I want to prevent this devastation in lives of young girls.
We  invite you to become a partners in making medical clinic with ultrasound as a tool of saving babies.
You can donate.

June 10 - 12
Post-abortion healing weekend 

The first pregnancy at 12, the first abortion at 13.  Years  on drugs in human trafficking. By 30 years 8 abortion all together.. Last year overdose was happening two, three times a week every week.   She  wanted to kill herself by overdose, but couldn't. Every time she was brought  back to life.

Jesus saved her

When she came to rehab,  she was skinny, looking like teenager,  her front teeth was like in horrifying  movie about vampier, she had dentist who made it for her.  She couldn't sleep. Jesus saved her. Her transformation process began. She is beautiful young lady now who want serve God.

After 7 months she wanted to serve other women, but one sphere was untouched, her abortion. She came to our center, we go the same church, She came to our center  to learn about ministry in schools to prevent abortions. She got through training , it became obvious to us and obvious to her she needed deeper healing.

We are planing post-abortion healing weekend

The first step – healing

We are taking a group of women who went through rehabilitation from drug abuse to the healing weekend.  They have multiple abortions.

The second step – training the leaders for implementing the program in rehab

We see that there is big need to make abortion recovery as part of the healing process for women on rehabilitation from drug. I saw how many women would go free for a while after they received Christ, were in fire while in rehab but after going back home  falling back. I really believe God has a deep encounter for them.
We need Jesus so much, we need Holy Spirit so much, we need revelation of Father’s love so much. We want to see deep transformation. Please,  pray. It is new format for us, pray that those who want to go would be able to, that nothing would hinder.
With love in Christ Lena Batina
Director of Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center

Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center is a life affirming ministry  that was found in 2003 in the   Kharkov-  city of  1,5 million people East  of Ukraine, post communism  country with the  95 years history of legal abortion,  for 75 years abortion was   the only way of family planning. Population of Ukraine decrease each year on 250 000 people. We set the goal to become medical to be able to compete with abortion clinic.

Our vision:
 creating the world where every child in welcomed.
Our mission:
 To end  the demand of  abortion for  every women by changing her fears into the confidence, confusion into the hope for the future. To bring healing to people effected by abortion.


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