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Monday - the first day of the week, the first day of working days. Monday - it is always the beginning. We tend to wait for the beginning of the week, months, year to make a fresh start. 

"Happy Mondays" - a three exciting start of the meeting, which will immerse young mothers in a special world of childhood.
We all come from childhood, and childhood - it is a fabulous time, a time of fun and games, a time of happiness. What we have been dreaming about? What Our Children Dream About?
Older children dream that we played hide and seek with them, to build a garage for the cars of the "Lego", ride on roller skates. And the youngest want us to play ... clapping.
The child grows - and help get finger and signed games - little stories in verse form shown via fingers and palms toddler.
Unpretentious poems, mother's attention, a smile and a gentle touch to the hands - what could be nicer for the baby? Naughty poetry and believes based awaken children's imagination and creative initiative of the child. And the benefits of finger games for language development probably all parent know. It's no wonder known teacher V. Sukhomlinsky said that "the mind of a child is at his fingertips."
During the group work at the training were "created" two children's educational center "Rubik's Cube" and "Rostok (Sprout)", which remarkably coped with the creative task to shift the original text  on fingers. All moms are creative, there are no uncreative moms!!!

All of us - in the past were children. And we had experience the beneficial effects of good words to us, and the evil words of anger and irritation. And everyone knows that feeling of uncertainty after accusations or elation after the words spoken out of love.
Our words - this is the strongest weapon against ourselves and those whom we love the most. Words can hurt and change the fate of the child. However, spoken words of support to the child can give him confidence and strength to cope with any challenges and difficulties.
Negative words spoken to the child entails:
• low self-esteem;
• loneliness;
• mistrust towards others;
• alienation;
• disobedience to attract attention;
• rudeness and disrespect;
• feeling that he disliked;
Delibarate words, full of love and kindness, teach the child:
• be in love;
• appreciate;
• Respect;
• obey;
• The child knows that she/he is not alone, she/he is beloved

H A N D I W O R K   ON  H A P P Y   M O N D A Y S

Loving mother "Happy Mondays" have decided to give their children the Easter rabbit made with their own hands, as much from an ordinary children's socks, and a pair of wheat colored velvet ribbons!
In the children's perception of the long-eared these colorful beauties look truly fabulous.

The dolls are made by hand mothers, without the use of the sewing machine, made of natural materials - cotton jersey on the type of velor and warm fleece.
Ductile and malleable of toy develops fine motor skills, allows baby modeling doll by using physical postures and emotional reactions of real people.
Not so easy to leave a toy: it is soft, comfortable, warm even seem to want to squeeze her, pressed against the cheek, to sleep with her.
Each doll is unique as it is the creator and owner. What can compare with a doll that Mom made with her hands, putting her love and tenderness. Babies sleep with a doll will be strong and calm.

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