четверг, 11 августа 2016 г.

Celebration in honor of Children's Day

Doing good and do good works does not require from human ANY KIND supernatural force or great talent. You just need to not be indifferent to other people's problems and difficulties. Or just do not pass by, as did the "Good Samaritan", the parable of the Good Samaritan in the New Testament.
Kindness - a call of the soul, when you just can not act differently, but to help your friend or acquaintance, or a stranger, who was in a difficult situation.
Pregnancy Assistance Center  at some point opened its doors to pregnant women and women with small children, who were forced to leave their cities, to leave their homes, their work, and all that were expensive and valuable to them, in fact part of their life. Today these children and mothers cheerful mood, a lot of laughter and joy. And when you can bring joy, you  become warmer and more joyful. So it turns out the cycle of goodness in the world.

"I sincerely thank you for baby gifts" Samaritan's Purse ", which were received by my children. Let the joy of the children, whose families were forced to leave their cities, to leave their homes will be for you an inspiration for further work ".
Sincerely Kosukhin's family

"Thank you so much and heartfelt thanks to your center and to all the staff for a wonderful holiday for the good mood of warmth. Thank you for the gifts "Samaritan's Purse", which were received by my children. Every meeting with your team brings a lot of positive emotions and changing me from the inside. "
Sincerely Kourosh's family

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