пятница, 11 июля 2014 г.


  1.  I want to share with you a story of miracle that happened this week.  Four weeks ago we had a visitor to our center. A young girl 20 years old came in feeling very sick. The reason of her sickness was her attempt to terminate pregnancy by herself. She did injection to herself. Somebody told to her that certain drug for cows can terminate pregnancy and she took the advice. That drug made her so sick that she had to call ambulance. In hospital they did some blood tests found nothing wrong, asked her for money. She didn’t have any money, so they did one procedure and send her home. She was going back home as much sick as before, and since our center was located on the same street where she lived, she came in. I was in the office and I asked her how far along she is in her pregnancy. We are not medical clinic, so we couldn’t help with physical problem. That wasn’t typical situation, but I do believe that any woman that come into our door is God ordained appointment . So I invited her into counseling room She gave the date of her last period, by now she was 12 weeks pregnancy. She already was a mother of two children, two years old and 5 months old boys. The father of children had drug addiction, not providing for the family. She didn’t want another baby.  Now she had a fears that medicine she used to terminate the pregnancy can effect the baby. Operating by faith I showed to her the model of the baby and explained what the abortion procedure would look like for the baby in 12 weeks. She was shocked by the fact that the baby is already formed and it will be torture for him. Not knowing whether the baby survived after injection I called to doctor and scheduled her for ultrasound exam next day.  Next day I called her and found out that she didn’t go to her appointment. She felt relived physically and didn’t go. Next day she came again. I advised to her do a pregnancy test. The test was positive, so she still needed ultrasound to see how the baby is doing. I found the clinic, made appointment but she didn’t go again. Next day she called me asking again. By this time I could see clearly that her life is so out of control and she is under control of the man. I can admit now, that it is God who gave me patient with her. This time I decided we will go together. She came to our office and we went. The doctor wasn’t very nice, he didn’t try to impress her with life inside. He asked whether she was planning to abort, then asked her how long she was in her pregnancy and commented, “Yes, it is too late for abortion”. After long look he said that this human has defect and he advices to get rid of him as soon as possible. He advised to go to genetic clinic right away, I felt that he is trying to intimidate her and push her to do quickly something without thinking.
    After we left clinic, I said to her:” Don’t panic. Don’t run, if somebody pushes you, stop. You need time to let God intervene in this situation”. On the way back we had a lot to talk about, before we went different direction I prayed with her, confessing the sin and asking God to come into her life and save the baby.  Few days after she came into the center again, saying that the father of the baby saying they don’t need sick child. I couldn’t gave to her the wrong hope. So we watched two video with handicapped people who had amazing life, there testimony was powerful. There deformity was shocking. She said my baby has little problem in comparing with them. The family kept pressing her to abort. Her sister talked to her gynecologist, who offered to abort for free since the baby has physical problem. I found PD who did another screenings, this doctor was child friendly and gave hope to mother that everything will be fine, but sent her genetic doctor for another screening. I realized that he saw something he didn’t like. Genetic doctor found the same thing the first one saw and send her to hospital for conclusion of the best of the best. I saw how baby was turning his back, hiding his stomach, when she trying to see better.  We prayed in office, I prayed in church, at home. Yesterday Inna came with the conclusion. The genetic doctor looked in screen , her eyes were wide open. She said: “Today the picture is different”. The baby was fine, no signs of tumor. So we have documented miracles, three ultrasound screens with tumor and last conclusion “healthy baby”. God intervened in her situation!!!
    I was thinking about miracles. They do happen. But somebody need to fight a good fight, stay in perseverance.Through this experience I saw how important words, the way doctor describe what he see, and I saw those who carry life and hope and who don’t care. The center paid for three screens, but that nothing in comparing with the priceless life that was saved. We give glory to Jesus Christ.

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