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How to set boundaries to children with love and respect

Continuing Training on parenting:
"How with love and respect set the boundaries to a little child?".
"How to raise a child's personality independent, outstanding, single-minded and simply integrated? With two sons and six to ten years, I have regularly looking for different information on the subject. During the training, I want to learn new methods of education of children (especially boys) to be more favorable to the older child. "
(Julia. V.)
All parents and educators know that a child best learns to "someone else's example." First and foremost in this example are the parents themselves. That is, if the father giving his son some instructions, and himself in a similar situation comes opposite, then no matter how much the baby is not abused, he will always have the desire to do as a father. There is a conflict in the education - the discrepancy in required and valid. And this discrepancy will give rise to misunderstanding and resistance. It can be concluded from all this: children are born not only so we could brought them up, but also t
o ensure that they raised us and helped us to change.

L A S T  D A Y  O F  T R A I N I N G 

 After graduation two women group of 23 people shared their opinions about the training.
Mom called the positive points in the group: condusive environment, study of different situations, good mood, pleasant communication, kindness and attention, the opportunity to get experience, emotional and warm attitude towards each other, coordination of work in a team.
For many useful topics were: Bank of feelings, the ability to clothe feelings into words and tell them the importance of praise and encouragement, how to set the boundaries of what anger is and how to deal with it properly.
Mothers evaluated the method and style of teaching coach: calm, clear, very attentive, use a personal example, always positive-minded, explains clearly.
The skills that captured the mother in the learning process: to restrain their emotions, to distinguish between the act of the child, to listen patiently and explain, to be kind and to be able to negotiate without shouting, the most able to ask for forgiveness.

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