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Post abortion healing weekend  

 “Forgiven and Set  Free”

Thank you all who prayed for us. That was more we asked or dreamed. I called it King’s generocity. He restored the dignity of motherhood to the one whom the world considers outcast.They said: “Noone ever did it for us what you have done.
Yesterday  we came back from post-abortion healing weekend. We took group of women who were in the process of rehubilitation from drug abuse outside the city to the farm. Our center started to partner with rehubilitation center. I observed how many young women  got sober , excepted Christ as Savoir, putting their trust in Jesus, but after leaving rehubilitation center  many of them could not stand in the freedom and fell. That made my heart cry about them, I  decided to  get  to know some of them closer and I found out they had abortions, many , they couldn’t forgive themselves,  felt a lot of shame, unworthy.
  •  Drug was a form of suaside, I  didn’t care about overdoze.   I had so much anger toward people who pushed and pressed me to abort, I  became cruel. I  hated  myself because of the decision to abort. I stoped caring how i looked like.

Valya: When I was 12 I was sexually abused. I didn’t tell my parents.  My parents were blind, they couldn’t see the changes in me. At 13 the older guy brought me to abortion clinic. At 14  I hang out with older guy who hooked me on drugs and clothed me in nice fur coats and gold. My father said to me: “If this is what you want from life, have it”. I provided for myself since that time. I feel like my life was stolen. 18 years on drugs. All my 8 pregnancies I was on drugs. All  ended up in abortion, none of people around me, no my mother ever wanted me to keep pregnancies. Now I want to redeem those years by serving women like I was.
After weekend
I realised that wanted to serve God as a slave. But Father opened his arms for me as His daughter. Jesus redeemed me and I don’t need to make up my way of redeeming my life. I want to serve Him out of love, not guilt now.

Katie: When I was  14, I asked my mum: ” If you fall in love can you sleep with a man.” My mum said: “Yes, if you love him a lot.”  I believed I loved him a lot.  So it was a green light for me.  Sex, spices, drug dealer boy friend.
I was 23 when I became pregnant.  At that point of my life I was sober, and wanted to be sober. I was glad, when I found out that my test was positive.  I came to my boyfriend  joyfully telling him about positive test, I loved him and was faithful to him. He was drug dealer. When I saw his reaction, I knew there was nothing to be glad about. His respond was: “My first love is marihuana , then mother, then you. I don’t need a baby. “ Even after his respond I still was hoping my mother would be glad to have a grandchild. I gave away all “spices” I had at home to my friend.
I said about pregnancy to my mum. She tald me how bad I was and that I had nothing to give to the baby and going to be a bad mother. Now I understand, it was not true. I am energetic. (She is), childlike, I am fun to be with, I  enjoy playing with the children, children like me.  I can have job and keep job.  I can share and sacrifice.  I wanted the child but pleased people around.
  • After abortion I called friend asking for drugs, and since that didn’t ever cared about overdoze. It was like playing Russian roulette. 

I  got a dog and when the dog died cried the whole week laying on the grave of the dog. It was legal way to grieve. One year i spent in prison, that was time I was mouning about my child, but couldn’t gey comforted, no releave.
After weekend
I have hope for the future now. I see I believed the lie, I will be good mother.
I was thinking what a strong need women have to release the greive .  But only when they come to the Father their hearts got true comfort and hope. 
  • The revealation of Fathers love toward his daughter heals.

We marveled to see trasformation  in this women. The truth set captive free, His word set free and heals. He is the Word. I want keep serving this God,  who loves see his daughters free and healed.
And how much more I want to prevent this devastation in lives of young girls.
We  invite you to become a partners in making medical clinic with ultrasound as a tool of saving babies.
You can donate.

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