In 1995 by the grace of the Lord I was saved. Right away I started reading Bible and was amazed by many stories. That was stories of different people whom God was calling His people, or people of God, they were called the fathers of the faith, the men by the heart of God. I found women in the list of the ancestors of Jesus Christ.  Not knowing God yet I couldn’t understand why these people was placed in the Bible. They were not worthy to be called holy. They had sins in life.  Latter on I understood that God didn’t try to make stories or people look nice. I realized  that stories were not just about people they were about God who worked all thing for good for those who loved His, that was the stories of redemptive work of God, who was able to change the hearts of people, to change their lives and made nobody to be  glorious people by His love and kindness.
 I came to the Lord with my baggage of sins. Very heavy on my heart was abortions I had while was student in University. Month after my conversion there was seminar for post-abortive women. Missionary from England Hannah Naatit  was sharing about sanctity of human life, she showed Silence cry video. I couldn’t believe what a horror I did. I was broken by realizing the depth of my fall.   During next two days God unloaded me, washed away my sins and gave me hope for future. His mercy reached till the bottom of the pit and brought me out into freedom. I was so thankful to Him, I wanted to be partner with Him so badly. This desire was placed in my heart by Him. He was calling me to help women in crisis due to pregnancy.  For three years I kept receiving prayer guides from Care for Life from England to Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center, that wasn’t existed. God was knocking into door of my heart. I wanted somebody would start the ministry, I would gladly be volunteers in it. Nobody was starting.
In 2001 I had  a 3 weeks trip to Ohao. One thing I and my friend Lera prayed was to visit ministry like these and see whether it was about  the great commission Jesus left us to do.  My American friends Sylvia and Ken Lutke organized an appointment with the director  of Akron Pregnancy Services.  After visiting it I knew He was calling me to start the center. The good thing was He was calling not only me but my friends as well.  Together we were a team that didn’t have experience or expertise in this aria.
 We started abstinence aducation program to the students in high school. Next year we took post-abortion recovery program and went through with the women from my church. Next step was seminar for volunteers. In 2003 we registered non-profit organization and started counseling women in crisis due to pregnancy.  Since that time we had many stories of women who were not worthy to be called holy because of their sins that they tried to hide by performing abortion.  But we can tell many stories when God intervened and that stories of His great power in work to redeem their lives to give hope and future. The harder the case the greater His glory! 

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