вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

charity Event Help mama

I Like people in my city. It was my joy to see in surpermarkets how people opened their heart and was generous to donate for young mothers with babies dipers, baby food and other items for babies. According to statistic Ukraine is on the 150 place in the world who ready to help strangers. During last two week God was changing this.
Hungreds of people got in touch with babies in need and young mothers and didn't pass by. We collected supplies for few months. Together we can make big changes while persanally do small good things. People were trully amazed to see development of the babies in the womb when we demonstrated fetus models. Every day was different, different volunteers, different chalanges. One thing was the same, God was with us and He was brining people to our display table and by His Spirit gave people desire and action, that was mercy and love that promted people. Every first shift of volunteers I felt like we are plowing very hard dry ground. Every evening I was happy to see that KHarkov opened up for mercy and compation.

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