вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

Wonderful meeting

Have you ever had days when you take an effort to do right thing to be in place you supposed to be but still wonder why am I here. That was the day like this, when Suday we went to park to demonstrate baby madels. Women came to me and said she knows me. I couldn't re,eber from where. She said 10 years ago she used very strong untibiotics and became pregnant. Doctors forced her to do abortion, she came to the center and I was the one who supported her and encaureged her to keep the baby.
When she was in hospital because of threat to loose the beby, doctors told her that the baby will have deformity, we prayed and was brining medicine to her. She was with the girl, Ann, beauyerful perfect. I love when the Lord open up a little bit a wail to see unseen.

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