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Transformation from prostitute to mother.

By faith the prostitute Rehab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient. Heb.11:33
In Hebrews 11 we are presented with heroes of faith. And amidst of them we meet somebody who doesn’t fit in, prostitute. I heard that in history some Bible scholars even wanted to make her portrait nicer, pretending she wasn’t really prostitute but the owner of tavern. But God in foreseeing that made sure and in James 2:25 repeated the title she was known by in her time so dispersed any doubts.
Why would God do that? The One whose name is Redeemer wanted to tell something to us. That wasn’t the end of the story.
Next time we meet this woman in genealogy of Jesus Christ. And her title there was changed on mother.
I picture the drama that was happening in Jericho. The city was doomed. God himself came as a leader of the army of God to destroy the evil city. But her house ( in the wall) was left untouched. God knew the address of this woman. And Israelites not only saved her life and the lives of those who belonged to her, they took her with them. In spite of the law and what it says about prostitutes and future of their children, she was given a grace and mercy. She got married. She became one of them. And as result she raised great son by the name of Boaz who showed mercy to another well know woman Ruth, and who became great grandfather of the King David and Jesus himself.

God wanted to show his transforming power that turn prostitute into wonderful mother.
Jesus while he was on the earth did the same - showed mercy and grace to women like Rahab and that changed them forever.
Why would I tell you this story. I just want you to share that God is still doing this. “Life Skills” program is one of the tool that God uses in the transformation process through His grace and mercy. We meet young mothers in crisis on the regular basis equipping them with life skills, teaching them how to love their babies, loving her so that she would realize that she is included in Christ, as one of us. He dies for her sins, as for ours. God knows the whole story of every woman He brings to the center, He knows how did that happen that she strayed from the right path. We see only as a puzzle. We try to find pieces of the puzzle and put them in place.
Tanya grew up in the family of 5 children, all of them from different fathers. Her mother often was drunk and words abusive. Tanya wanted to be loved. She believed his words, not knowing that love is not just words, it’s more described by verbs. The words would follow actions. He wasn’t happy about her pregnancy. She had no idea how to raise the child by herself, where to go after giving birth. Kharkov was very far from the place where she had her passport registration. To get welfare she had to get papers from that place. There was no money to go there with the baby. She was registrated in her fathers house, who was never involved in her life. One of our volunteers was teaching about breast feeding in the birthing hospital, there she met Tanya, who was in desperate need, doctor offered her to sign release of the baby. She doubted, how the baby will make without her. Olyana, the name of the volunteer couldn’t pass by them. She came to office, took supply for Tanya’s little girl, found a woman in her church who was willing to take Tanya with the baby in her home. It was ruff and tuff way. There was time of temptations and time when she failed. I could write a book about it, but what a joy for me was to meet her on one of the conferences, married woman with two children, who loves the Lord, who was faithful to carry her through. In such moments I bless the Lord. He is Redeemer who truly instead of ashes gives a garment of praise. When I saw Tanya I catch myself on the thought that Tanya’s expression of the face was different, there wasn’t seductive look as it used to be. She was holding the little boy in her hand and she was standing in line to get a prayer. God did great transformation!

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