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Тraining "How to set boundaries to children with love and respect"

And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous – to make ready a people prepared for the Lord. Luke 1:17
 Jesus is coming back. When we see violence on the streets our hearts cry out “COME”. And the Spirit and the bride say “COME”. This is the cry of the heart, and yet we have a task to get the people ready for He is coming. But how would we do that? I read again and again the passage about first coming of Christ. “To turn the hearts of the fathers...
 Have you ever seen the eyes of the child who was frightened by screaming and rage, which was shacked and beaten in the face, so terrified that now he couldn’t remember why he was beaten up. He feels humiliated, wanted so badly to be comforted by mummy. But what if the one who did abuse was the mummy? Then there is no safe place to go to be comforted.

Why would mother do such a thing to the child, can she stop herself, can she learn to control her anger, to manage her emotions? To find the answer for many mothers we started training seminar “How to set boundaries to children with love and respect”. During the first lesson we asked everyone to write down what did they expect from this training. “I want to manage my emotions. I want to learn HOW NOT TO LOOSE CONTROL. I want to learn how in stressful situation find right language with my child. Learn how to live in family without screaming. I want to help a little child to form a character, learn how to except “no” from other people.” Almost all members of group were at the same page. They know they get out of control and that hurts children, they hurt themselves that set a circle of abuse and anger in family. And that is not the first generation in their families that live like that.
Screaming is opposite to the path of peace. I was repeated the word again: “To guide our feet into the path of peace” . There is God’s way, and the wisdom that can lead us and guide us in the way of peace. The group of 17 women now is on the journey. After the second lesson they made conclusion that many methods that use cannot bring the results they want in rearing and would not form the character they would like the child has when he grow up. After the third lesson, it was eye revealing to them that they can choose how to act even having strong emotions, that emotions are good steward but bad masters. And   there are thoughts between emotion and behavior that can help calm down or escalate emotions till a person is out of control.
We ask you to pray that the chain would be broken and repentance would bring fruits of righteousness. I started to see that repentance NOT JUST SAYING SORRY, it is changing the way of thinking that change the way we act. 
I praise the Lord that He has way to save the child and to teach mothers how to rear this child, and he knows how to lead them to salvation.

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