пятница, 11 октября 2013 г.

My dear friends. I thank you for every efforts and prayers you invested in the ministry to save and protect little lives precious in the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ.. I want to admit that only He is able to save. He is to be glorify for ever. I want to share with you some stories of this month, so you would feel and see what the Lord is doing in lives of people we serve.
That was my first day in the office after vocation; I had a fresh eye on my working place, so I was cleaning up my desk putting thing in order. Our office is small: a reception area, a counseling room and an office room. That day the center was full of people. The counseling room was occupied, the reception area was occupied, volunteers were folding baby clothes. Our volunteer Marina opened the door into the office room, saying “Lena, this girl is waiting for you.” I invited the girl into my office. I haven’t completely finished cleaning up but the place looked nice by now. I apologized for some unfinished work. But seems like it didn’t bother thegirl at all, she had issues of her own that were much more important. Yong black girl (that is not very common for Ukraine) was surprised to discover that I can speak English very well. She was looking for medical abortion. She just came back from home to start new academic year in Kharkov Medical University. She missed her period, had sexual intercourse back home with the guy she used to be engaged but it didn’t work and wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. Last year we had 4 black girls who kept their babies. All those girls were students from Africa. This girl was different, she had confidence, was open to talk. When I asked her where she was from, she said that she was from America. She studied in United States but it was much cheaper in Ukraine. Her father is the doctor who graduated from Medical school in Russia. She already made two pregnancy tests at home, both of them were negative. But it was only two days since she missed period. She wanted to finish her education first and she didn’t want baby now. I discovered over the years of work in the center very sad fact that medical education didn’t teach students to value human life and sadly to say most of students didn’t really know development of the baby in the mother’s womb, some had great confidence that till certain stage of development it wasn’t really baby inside. Education is a powerful tool, that can be used to form beliefs. But Sue was open to know more about development of the baby. What she discovered was big surprise for her. Last scientific researches showed that not every sperm can fertilize every egg. It is like locker and key that should match to each other to open the door. And when new life conceived they see explosion of great light. I offered Sue to watched video about 15 weeks baby that was born premature and survived. That real story with real pictures showed the struggle for life of a little girl, tiny and fragile, who hold for life and through love and care of her family was able to get through and now she caught up with her peers. It was like to see unseen, someone who usually hidden inside was brought into the light to witness on behalf of other babies that they are human being but smaller, by robbing them status of human being we open the door of injustice and letting evil be the norm in our cities. When Sue was leaving our center, I asked her whether I could hug her. She said she wanted to ask me the same. We hug each other. She said that she didn’t expect to meet in Ukraine such a loving woman. I knew that was Loving Jesus, who met her in foreign country. He was the initiator and provider all those years of the ministry. He lives in us, so His great power operates in us, that power calls love. I wonder what could happen to this girl if she would get in abortion clinic instead of our center asking for medical abortion as soon as possible. Would she get a drug right away?
We had a phone call from The Center of Social Services for Youth, Children and Families.
The Social worker asked us to help a woman with two children who were pregnant and looking for abortion. Woman had health problem and doctors didn’t want to perform abortion because it was dangerous. But woman kept searching for abortion in spite of doctor's warnings. The social worker was afraid that she could find abortion that cause a death of the woman and two children could be left orphans. We invited woman to come to our office the same day.
Natasha came into the office with a firm decision to abort. She felt like her life already is too difficult, she lived with grandfather, who kicked out her boyfriend out of the house. Her boyfriend grew up in the family of 5 children. All of them had different fathers. His mother believed the doctor who said that for the sake of health woman need sex, but sex ended up with pregnancies without any commitment from the side of the men. After 5th child she stayed away from sexual relationship worked hard to bring up children. So the boy had no idea how to be a man and how to take responsibility for children. The easy way was to say that the baby is not his.
Natasha grew up with grandfather. Her mother died because of alcohol when she was 6, her father was in prison many times. Her grandfather was very cruel man, beating her up, when she was a child, part of the time she stayed with him, part of the time in orphanage. When she became teenager she started to defend herself, she had fights, grandfather called police. The grandfather keeps 11 goats in terrible condition and during winter takes them inside of the house.
We always deal with sircumstances. Most of them difficult. What we learned that sircumstances can be changed. But after you had abortion you can't change it, you can't bring life back. Our volunteer Valya explained to Natasha that every life is given by God and we can’t expect God’s blessings by taking life of the innocent baby. She showed how the baby looks like at 11 weeks of pregnancy, how the baby is formed in the womb. And she helped her understand that even government rewards mothers for bringing child into the life by financial support. The money she will get she can use to improve her house and do what she can do. She explained about program that center offers to mothers. She asked her not to hurry with decision to abort but give herself time to think through another week.
Next week Valya called to Natasha. Natasha decided to keep a baby. When she came to our office next time for the training “How to set a boundaries to children with love and respect” she said that finally she feels a hope that her life can turn for better.
I love how the Lord brings hope into the heart of poor and broken people. He came for those who had no hope, to save the lost .
With love Lena Batina

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