среда, 4 декабря 2013 г.

Thanksgiving Day

I heard American saying “YOU made my day”.  If it is appropriate to say that appointment made my day.  Luda called three times. She was looking for the late team abortion at 22 weeks pregnancy.  She already had 2.5 years old boy and 8 months old baby girl.
She got pregnant before her menstrual period started again. So she was not aware she was carrying another baby till the baby started to move. On the phone we admitted we didn’t perform abortion. So she had doubt whether it was going to be beneficial for her to come and see a counselor. Tanya on the phone assured her to come. Luda came at 6 p.m.  She knew that the baby was alive, was not impressed to see a fetus models, and was tough and determined.  She didn’t want another baby.  After 10 years working in the center I know many counseling tactics.  It seemed they didn’t work with this young 22 years old woman.  On the question about her “religion” she answered “atheist “.   I know from experience how powerful the Word of God is. It itself fulfils what it was send for.  So I started to show her one verse after another, explaining that God is the One who created the baby, had plan and blessings for her and the baby, showing that by  her choice she can ruin all that and  brings consequences she doesn’t want to have. We agreed I would call her the next day.  All I could do after that pray. Prayer is the most powerful tool.  Praying according to God’s will prayer releases God’s power.
Next day I called. She said, we talked with husband and decided to give birth to this baby.

 I want this story will make your day. This little life was saved because you stayed with us and your finances gave us chance to reach Luda when she was at the point of the biggest mistake and tragedy in her life.  On the Thanksgiving Day I thank God for you, for your faithful and carrying heart.

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