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Do you believe that some events, some meetings could be life changing?

That is such a privilege to be part of life changing stories, God’s changing stories. 
It was Monday volunteers meeting, time for the team. We discussed group event for mothers , our plans of  taking mothers with children to Ecopark next day. All details was organized already. Suddenly  the phone rang and woman on the other side said that she was looking  for abortion.  I knew we had to schedule her as soon as possible for counseling. So I said: “Tomorrow at 1 p.m.”  She hanged the phone and I remembered” Event! Ecopark!” I knew now  my schedule  was going to be tough.

Lida high slim 24 years old girl, had a  history of two abortions in the past. She already had been waiting for me while I ran into office after our event.  She broke with her boyfriend two months ago before she knew about pregnancy. She got chance to go to another country to be trained on business, just for couple months.  She faced so much opposition from her boyfriend.  His control was so strong, she couldn’t breathe.  This time he threaten to break relationship if she take this business trip.  And he did.    She was in another country when she found out she was pregnant. Now their relationship was the history. He didn’t want children anyway, her two abortions was a prove of that. When she came to the center she was  11 weeks pregnancy. She didn’t want reconciliation with that man.
“How about your family? Will they except you with the baby?”- I asked. I saw anxiety in her eyes . “ My father alcoholic, he shot from the gun our oldest sister, when she was 7. He was in military. One day he was very drunk and he came for lunch home with the gun. He was not put to prison, money helped him.” Now having child and living with the father was threat to her wellbeing, she didn’t tell him about pregnancy.  When I asked her about her believe and church attendance, she said no way.
I asked her what does she knew about fetus development, and whether she wanted to know it. After getting positive answer I opened the box and showed her 12 weeks baby model. I gave it to her. She hold it the rest of the consoling session.  I shared the gospel with her.  She admitted in prayer that needed God’s help as never before and it was good time to relay on him. She left the room with decision to keep the baby and putting her trust in the Lord to lead her through this season in her life. 

I want to share a little stories, life stories that we are witnesses,  the impact on the families  through  ministry.  As you know we started  in the center discipleship program for mothers  “Life Skills”, whose babies .  “The up building partnership” is one of the courses for women. The purpose of it  how to be godly wives. Katya is the mother with three little kids, year in between , the youngest turned 1 year old. Her husband was very abusive, could beat her, not giving money to her, she was always in need,  begging  for food. He would never stay with any of the kids by himself.  She lives in the village. For her to come to any group meant   bringing  all three of them. After 5 lessons she said, she woke up one night and found her husband sitting and reading her notes she had made during study of this course. He quickly closed the book, latter he told to her. “The book you read is good”.  Since that case he started to come with Katya to the group, taking two oldest daughters and taking them outside to play letting her to be on the group without so much distraction that her children causes for her and the group if they were with her.  At the beginning the oldest of the girls was a little bit afraid to be without mum. We started to see sparks in her eyes, hope for the future, and smile on the face. 

The group already started. At the door young woman appeared. She asked what was going on there. We said we have seminar for wives “The up building partnership”. She asked whether she could join us.  With hesitations I said “Yes, come in.”
She was involved in discussion during the lesson. After the lesson over we had a tea and cookies and fellowship. She asked whether she could stay for tea, and should she share in expenses.  We said we were glad if she stayed. I felt it was going to be a great opportunity to get to know her. It was obvious The Lord brought her and He wanted to help her.  Last 4 years she was going through season in her life when she lost everything, her business, her carrier, her reputation, her friends, being  be on the verge of sanity, being tormented by darkness, being disappointed in God. People who blamed her and brought this calamity in her life was blooming and prosper in their lives. She returned back home to her old mother and was ashamed for not being able to find job with all her education and talents. She was searching how to get out of situation and overcome evil that was raging inside. But being your personal savoir doesn’t work. The fellowship time end up by prayer for her. She let us pray for her and hug her. She cried because she hasn’t experience love for long time.  We gave her New Testament. I still have no idea, how it got this day on our tea table. After she left ,  our volunteer said, she has so much stuff in her head.  My answer was “If you only knew how much stuff was in my head before the Lord saved me”. That not a problem for God. When God  turn on light in your soul,  the darkness  can’t stay, the lies convicted.
If you want to be a part of God’s life changing stories join us. I can’t save neither  baby, no mother, I can’t restore families, save mother from abuse, save children from being beaten, God can do. I can be obedient to Him, being part of His team. You can be too. 

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