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In ten years there will be 36-38 million residents in Ukraine

If, however, the current negative demographic trends continue, in 50 years it is said, 8-12 million Ukrainians will remain. 

These statistics were stated by  Tatyana Bahteeva, Health Minister of the Regions party, the Head of the Verhovna Rada Committee, referring to the forecasts of experts.
In her words, the population of Ukraine has decreased by almost 7 million over the past 15 years, a drop from 52.2 million to 45.6 million.
"If in 1970 citizens of the Ukraine and other European states on average lived to 70 years of age, today our people live 10 years less than citizens of the European Union.  Ukraine is occupies 150th position out of 223 countries in terms of life expectancy" stated T. Bahteeva, speaking on Wednesday, 21 December, at the Committee Hearings, "Health - 2020: The Basic Principles of the State Policy of the Ukraine in the Area of Healthy Living and Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases and the Ways of its Realization".
She emphasized that an analysis of the demographic situation in Ukraine shows that unlike most European countries, the population of Ukraine "is not threatened by old age", that is 80-85 years and over.
"The value of this indicator in our country is very modest.  According to this, Ukraine is ranked 34th on the list of 43 European countries, USA and Canada.  Such a demographic situation is caused by a high degree of morbidity of the population, with cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases leading the charts."
Furthermore T. Bahteeva underlined that today Ukraine is annually losing more than 700,000 of its citizens, one third of whom are people of working age.  Concurrently, mortality in Ukraine amounts to 15.2 whereas in countries of the EU, the number is 6.7 to every 1,000 of the population.
"The mortality rate of men of working age in Ukraine is higher even than those countries whose gross national product (GNP) is 4-6 times lower than that of our country", outlined T. Bahteeva. From UNIAN data.

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